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inspire squad


Gymnasts will be invited to this squad once they have qualified to be a level 4 individual gymnast or the coach feels they have the potential to qualify for level 4/5. 

Gymnasts in this squad go through intense trainings of the highest level so they are able to compete at national competitions. Dedication, commitment, talent are needed but most importantly coaches look for hard work and gymnasts who are always pushing themselves in every aspect of training.


The Progress Pathway shows the routes in which gymnasts can take to reach this squad. 


Gymnasts who wish to be in this squad must train a minimum of the following hours:

  • Pre - Espoirs (U9 + U10) - 12 Hours 

  • Espoirs (U11 + U12) - 15 Hours 

  • Juniors/Seniors - 18 Hours 

All squad fees are invoiced monthly, please see the Fees Policy on the Policies and Forms page for full details 


                     Gymnasts Age 7+ | BG Level 4 - 5

elite individuals SQUAD
age 7+ | level 4-5

aspire squad
age 7+ | bg level 3-4

performance SQUAD
Age 6+ | club level - bg level 1

progression squad
age 7= | bg Level 1

evolution SQUAD
Age 7+ | level 2-3

recreational SQUADs
age 4-7 | club level


4pm - 8pm

4.30pm - 7.30pm

4.30pm - 7.30pm

friday - ashford
5pm - 8pm

10am - 3pm


Come and join us for a free trial in one of our recreational sessions. Open to all ages and abilities!

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