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performance SQUAD

This programme is open to gymnasts who have decided they would like to do gymnastics competitively. Gymnasts will be selected to be part of this squad once their skills have developed to a higher level and coaches feel they are ready to progress to a more committed and advanced training programme.

Here gymnasts will develop more specific rhythmic related skills and they will also begin their ballet training. They will also learn their first routine and if the coach feels they are ready will be entered into level 1 competitions. The club progress pathway shows the routes gymnasts can take to this squad and when they are once they are at the level to develop forwards from this squad.

Gymnasts who wish to be part of this squad must train minimum 3 hours per week and attend all club events.


Gymnasts Age 6+ | Club Level - BG Level 1

All squad fees are invoiced monthly, please see the Fees Policy on the Policies and Forms page for full details 

elite individuals SQUAD
age 7+ | level 4-5

aspire squad
age 7+ | bg level 3-4

performance SQUAD
Age 6+ | club level - bg level 1

progression squad
age 7= | bg Level 1

evolution SQUAD
Age 7+ | level 2-3

recreational SQUADs
age 4-7 | club level


9am - 1pm


Come and join us for a free trial in one of our recreational sessions. Open to all ages and abilities!

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