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progression SQUAD

This squad is for gymnasts who are ready to start their journey as a competitive individual gymnast. These gymnasts will progress to level 1 and 2 of the British Gymnastics competition pathway. 

Gymnasts invited to this squad will start to learn 2 individual routines with a goal of competing at club and regional events.

Gymnasts who wish to be part of this squad must attend both weekly sessions.


Gymnasts aged 7+ | Levels 1 - 2

All squad fees are invoiced monthly, please see the Fees Policy on the Policies and Forms page for full details 

elite individuals SQUAD
age 7+ | level 4-5

aspire squad
age 7+ | bg level 3-4

performance SQUAD
Age 6+ | club level - bg level 1

progression squad
age 7= | bg Level 1

evolution SQUAD
Age 7+ | level 2-3

recreational SQUADs
age 4-7 | club level


4.30pm - 7.30pm

9am - 12.30pm


Come and join us for a free trial in one of our recreational sessions. Open to all ages and abilities!

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